John & Robin McCombs, Francisco X. AguirreJames NicklesKendall MathewsMichelle MicalizziDerek Herndon,  John Waters, Stuart & Gillian Bailey, Najla Kayyem and Danielle Feroleto

Since the Art of Fearlessly Doing business went so well I decided to do another one. The opening for the Art of Fearlessly Doing Business II was held in Phoenix at the Walter Gallery in May 2016. The show included all 29 the works from both series.

When you are an artist, you may spend time thinking will people like my art enough to buy it or at all. It was a pivotal moment in my artistic life when after I hung the show, I looked around the completely full room. Standing there on my own, I knew it no longer matter if people liked my work or even if it sold because, I love my work and I believe it has value. 85% of my work has sold. Naturally, It feels good to have sold my work. It feels better that I value it myself and that I have developed every deeper relationships with the amazing people who inspired the work.


Michelle Micalizzi, Fearlessly Deliver, LLC
Dedicated to Jim Pfingst, Scottsdale Technology Solutions | MUSIC MAN

1. Stephen KrausPress Coffee | BEAN COUNTING

2. Danielle FeroletoSmall Giants | DRIVE TO YOUR PASSION

3. Stuart & Gillian Bailey, Pane e Vino Restaurant | WEATHER THE STORMS

4. Najla KayyemKayyem Marketing | PULL YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES ON

5. Jaymes & Jayson Khademi, Saffron Jak | WASTE NOT! WANT NOT!

6. Sean Fowler, J&S Aviaton | STAY AGILE & THINK BIG

7. James NicklesBeyond Development | DO WHAT YOU KNOW

8. Kendall Mathews, Appointment Plus | GIVE MORE

9. Francisco X. Aguirre, The Office Pile | FEAR IS FINTE

10. Peter DonovanVoightmann Law Firm, PC | WEARING MANY HATS 

11. John & Robin McCombs, AZ Temperature Pro | LEAP OF FAITH

12. John WatersWaters Consulting | THE ROLLERCOASTER RIDE

13. Derek HerndonArcadia Signarama | THE BALANCING ACT

Michelle Micalizzi
, Fearlessly Deliver, LLC | I FEARLESSLY DELIVER


The Arizona Consortium of the Arts 


The Arizona Consortium of the Arts | Photos by Elena & Jim | Jackie WszalekSplash Print & Marketing


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