Entrepreneurs and inspiring stories of all kinds are Michelle Micalizzi’s muse and focus. Micalizzi uses her ability as a visual journalist and artist as a vehicle to educate, collaborate and strategically build relationships and brand. As an artist, a business woman, philanthropist and the founder of MICALIZZI ENTERPRISES, Micalizzi paints with a purpose.

Art Projects are collaborative social practice art engagements that connect art + business + community.

“I am inspired by the fearless entrepreneurial sprit,” states Micalizzi, artist and owner of Micalizzi Enterprises  “Small business owners are the backbone of our country and I am compelled to tell our stories.”

“My multi-media paintings are inspired by a conversation I have with business leaders asking them essentially why they started their business and how they have overcome their fears to became fearless successes and why they continue to give back.” adds Micalizzi.

In each series Micalizzi captures the spirit, motivation and lessons learned of each subject in a three part visual journalism piece:

  1. A video of the fearless interview with each leader is posted on the Relentless Talk Radio YouTube Channel.
  2. Blog details what we might learn from this leader about being fearless.
  3. A multi-media Painting provides both aesthetic intrigue and valuable entrepreneurial and philanthoric insight.

While each Fearless Project highlights a specific theme where a multimedia painting is created for each story, the painting is only a small part of the art that is created with each project. The audience engagement, human interaction and the business and non-profit collaboration that takes place during the projects are far more valuable than the physical art work that is produced. The paintings created illustrate the story that is shared on the Fearless Blog and via social media as visual journalism.

Essentially, the story is one of hope and resilience. Micalizzi believes that entrepreneurs are a perfect example of these qualities, which is why in recent years the art projects have featured entrepreneurs. Ultimately, any story that focuses on these qualities, and that allows for inspiration provides an excellent opportunity to give back.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale the paintings produced is contributed to charity.

As a multimedia painter, Micalizzi uses a combination of acrylic, oil pastels, colored pencil, and paint markers in this series. Micalizzi asserts, “Each painting is a mini documentary arrived at from active listening and deep interest and caring in my subjects.”FEARLESS ART PROJECTS:The Art of  Fearlessly Giving Back (AoFGB)The Art of Fearlessly Doing Business (AoFDB)The Art of  Fearlessly Living (AoFL)Micalizzi Fashion (MMF)


Individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations can work with Micalizzi by accepting an invitation to participate or requesting to be considered for an Art Project or an Event.Edit